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Regime change campaign registered at Investec address

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THE latest in the sea of campaigns to attempt to unseat President Jacob Zuma has emerged by way of a campaign called Country Duty. It wouldn’t be of any interest had it not registered its physical address on Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as 100 Grayston Drive, Sandown, which is the home of Investec.

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A closer look at the company’s server shows a close similarity to that of Investec which suggests Country Duty, whose website is could be sharing Investec’s server.

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As if the links between Investec and CountryDuty weren’t enough, it also emerged that Celia Roux, who had created the Country Duty website and had also registered it, was an employee of Investec according to LinkedIn.

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Oh dear that gets messy doesn’t it? Investec now gets into the mix of what could simply be a rogue employee’s antics…. or is there something more? CountryDuty is run by a group of three or four and no sooner had news of Investec’s association leaked and the group’s leader, Tumi Sole, tried to quell the fires.

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Roux refused to disclose when she left Investec and was adamant she had only used her “previous employer’s address” to avoid the harassment by “Paid Twitter’ and “BLF thugs”. So we at UnCensored decided to call Investec to find out if she still worked there. After a few calls, we were told a Cecila Roux worked at Investec’s Private Bank. We held the line for a considerable amount of time while the receptionist said Roux’s line was busy.

Now that we’d established she works for Investec, we were able to get her email address to which we sent some questions. We also included Investec’s media liaison person in the email. We were told she wasn’t in the office today and our questions to whether this was an Investec campaign or not, could not be answered.

Several minutes after sending Roux’s questions, the email bounced back with this message.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 6.56.41 PM

We on several occasions called back and were asked to hold or leave our telephone numbers for Roux to call back. If Roux doesn’t work for Investec anymore, the memo has certainly not been sent to the receptionists. The email also took quite its time before deciding it wasn’t able to deliver to that email address.

That mystery may well have everything to do with Roux’s educational background which she acquired from something called Singularity University where “As SU Ambassador for South Africa I am responsible for representing Singularity University within the country by way of evangelizing for SU within the region”.

Investec a few hours ago posted this on Twitter in response to questions of whether Roux work(ed) there and when she left her position.

“We were not aware of the domain and didn’t grant permission to create it”. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.24.34 PM

We are not associated with CountryDutyZa”. 

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