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Mkhize optimistic that troubles in the ANC can be fixed

JOHANNESBURG NNESBURG, July 12  – The African National Congress’ issues will be fixed and the tripartite alliance will emerge stronger after the national elective conference in December despite on-going instability in the alliance, the party’s treasure general Zweli Mkhize said on Tuesday.

“The ANC believes that  the alliance is very essential in taking forward the revolution, and we are also saying to the members of our alliance as our partners, they can’t give on other partners we have to make sure that we engage and solve the problem,” Mkhize said.

Mkhize was part of the delegates who attended the week-long 14th National Congress of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in Ekurhuleni. Delegates will nominate and elect the party’s new leadership.

This comes after the SACP expressed it’s concern about the state of the country under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma and the news of state capture allegedly by the controversial Gupta family, through its influence in government and state-owned enterprises are continuously revealed in emails leaked to the media.

The party has also been calling Zuma to step down and has deemed him unfit to lead, as a result the SACP and Congress of South African Trade Unions have banned Zuma from attending their meetings.

Mkhize said the only way of resolving the challenges is to go into robust engagements and leave no stones unturned after the SACP concludes its conference.

Meanwhile, SACP secretary general Blade Nzimande bashed the deepening crisis in the African National Congress, rampant corruption, state capture, and wondered whether South Africa was still a functioning state.

Nzimande said the first step towards reversing the damage caused by the state capture is for the State to stop urgently doing business with the Guptas. This he said,  would ensure that governance is rapidly restored, more so at the state-owned enterprises.


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