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Klerksdorp accused lied about his residential address, Rustenburg court hears

RUSTENBURG, July 6 – A 36-year-old man police believe is part of a syndicate who follow people home from banks and rob them of large amounts of cash would evade justice if granted bail, the Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday.

“The accused did not play open cards with the courts about his residential address. If granted bail he will not come to this court,” Captain Patrick Murunwa said while testifying in the bail application of Freddy Macwele.

At this stage, Macwele stands accused of the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Murunwa said he went to an address in Jouberton near Klerksdorp which Macwele said was his place of residence.

“I found a lady who said she was the accused’s aunt. I asked her where was Freddy and she said she last saw him on Monday, July 3. She took me to a room, where I found a young man. The young man told me Freddy was not staying at the given address.”

“When I told the aunt that it was impossible for Freddy to be home on Monday night because he was arrested in Rustenburg on Saturday, [July 1], she got angry and did not want to cooperate with me,” Murunwa told the court.

He told the court a young boy who was at the aunt’s house took him to the address where Macwele resided.

“If it was not for that little boy, I would not have known where the accused live.”

Macwele was arrested in Rustenburg following a high speed chase on July 1. Police had  spotted a suspicious-looking silver BMW outside a bank. The police approached the vehicle and it sped off and a car chase ensued.

Macwele and his three accomplices were cornered at a residential complex in Waterfall East. Three of the suspects managed to flee and evade arrest.

Murunwa told the court the accused jumped out of the moving car. Two police officers gave chase and arrested him. The three others drove into a residential complex, abandoned the vehicle and fled.

Three pistols, ammunition, balaclavas, and gloves were found in the car.

The police believe Macwele was a part of a syndicate who follows people withdrawing large amounts of money from banks and rob them.

The suspects apparently rented the BMW in Klerksdorp before fitting the vehicle with false North West registration number plates.

Macwele later tole the court he had come to Rustenburg to collect his car which he had left at a friend’s place three weeks ago in Tlhabane West.

He denied being an occupant of the BMW, telling the court he was at Waterfall East to visit a friend.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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