Screen grab of the video showing a South African woman thrown down the stairs in Amsterdam.

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WATCH: The women attacked by the white Dutchman in Amsterdam speak up

Johannesburg, July 11 – Sibathle Nkumbi is a South African woman who made headlines on social media, after her friend Zanele Muholi posted a video of her being thrown down the stairs by the owner of an Airbnb flat in Amsterdam were they were on a holiday.

Sibathle stated in the video that she is still shocked about the whole incident and that she truly believes that this was a racial attack.

“Had it been a white person, I believe the outcome could have turned out differently”, she said in the video.

Sibathle said that she sustained several bruises and cuts in her body and that she could not recall when she was thrown down the stirs, up until she woke up in hospital.

According to the Amsterdam authorities, the perpetrator was arrested and later charged with attempted murder and not that of racial abuse.

A South African woman, on holiday in Amsterdam, was thrown down the stairs by the owner of an Airbnb flat she was staying at. The owner was apparently upset that she had not checked out by 12.30pm, when the check-out time was 11am.

The man has since been arrested by Dutch police, according to reports in the Netherlands.

Activist and photographer Zanele Muholi posted a video of the event on her Instagram page. In the post she says: “One of my friends, Inkanyiso crew members, was pushed downstairs by the Airbnb owner where we stayed.

“He threw their belongings out … for few mins late checkout.

“She collapsed and ended up in hospital. She suffered internal injuries and bruises. Am so angry with this I couldn’t even sleep. This is racism and can’t be justified… violence on black bodies as you can see in this video.”



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