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MKMVA will not attend the SACP 14th National Congress

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Johannesburg, July 10 – The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) said that it decided not to honour the invitation by the SACP to attend its upcoming 14th National Congress.

The Association further said that this is due to the current unfortunate path that the South African Communist Party (SAPC) has taken to ‘disregard’ the well-established tradition that Alliance Partners do not prescribe to each other about internal organisational matters by trying to prescribe to the ANC about who should be it’s President, is not conducive for their attendance.

“We furthermore take umbrage to the SACP’s support for the similarly unacceptable decision of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) to ban President Zuma from attending their meetings. MKMVA values the Tri-partite Alliance, but we believe that it is critical for the SACP and COSATU to return to the fundamentals that made the Alliance such a great success and formidable force in our liberation struggle”.

These according to MKMVA includes the understanding that Alliance partners do not try to prescribe to each other about internal organisational matters, and especially not who they elect as leaders of their respective organisations.

“Furthermore, that the ANC is the leader of the Alliance, and should be respected and treated as such in recognition of the fact the ANC is the leading socio-political force in our society. It is of critical Importance that these fundamentals on which the Tri-partite Alliance is built must be re-affirmed. Since the SACP is currently not doing so, we do not see our way open to attend their 14th National Congress” said the MKMVA in their statement.

MKMVA has however wished SACP a successful National Congress.

“We sincerely hope that instead of proceeding along their current errant path, this 14th National Congress will help the SACP to self-correct and re-affirm the required fundamentals of our revolutionary Tri-partite Alliance. With this ardent hope in mind we wish our comrades in the SACP well with their deliberations”.

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