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ANC infighting and factionalism: when days are dark friends are few

Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday said: “We can’t watch as this country sinks.” Is this not the same deputy president that is part of the ruling party? How do you abdicate responsibility and accountability when the going gets tough?

Let’s take a step back into history and focus on how Mr Ramaphosa obtained his wealth. Cyril Ramaphosa was elected by the ANC to become a beneficiary of major empowerment deals. The purpose of these deals were to establish wealth outside of the ANC with the intent that the newfound wealth would in turn support the ANC. These elected cadres were entrusted with great wealth to ensure that the ANC would never need to rely on business funding – it was the ultimate creation of self-funding. It also provided a mechanism for broad-based black ownership on the JSE and more importantly, black-owned companies linked to the ANC.

When Cyril RAmaphosa was rolling in the dough and printing money, there was no ill-talk of the ANC. I guess that’s how most South Africans operate. When the going is good there are no issues, but the saying holds true that “when days are dark friends are few”. While the DA and EFF are working on project 2019 with the sole objective of unseating the ANC, they in fact do not have much to do. The ANC factionalism is in fact doing enough damage to this 106 year old organisation.

This is the very reason why blacks are still not free and enjoying the fruits of freedom 23 years down the line. It is unfortunate that so many black leaders in the public and private sector surround themselves with whites and Indians. The private sector is even worse, very few blacks at the top – when they finally “arrive” – see their own kind as not good enough.

We are all of the view that we hold better leadership skills then the current leader. Most South Africans are blaming president Zuma for South Africa’s woes. Have you ever done your own introspection? Where do you shop/spend your money, who do you employ?

It’s time that we all step up. Salute 

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