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Zuma backs Zwane on new Mining Charter

PARLIAMENT, June 22 – President Jacob Zuma on Thursday threw his weight behind the controversial revised Mining Charter published by Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane.

“Yes, I believe firstly, the minister gave the briefing and consultation, including the cabinet and what the minister is doing has been approved by the Cabinet,” Zuma said in the National Assembly during his quarterly question-and-answer session.

The President brushed aside criticism of the charter by the Chamber of Mines of SA, unions, and his own ruling African National Congress, who are concerned about the impact the charter could have on jobs in the sector.

The revised targets in the mining sector includes mining houses should have 30 percent black ownership to be shared among employees, communities and black entrepreneurs.

Mining rights holders who have complied with the previous target of 26 percent have to “top up” to 30 percent within 12 months.

Those applying for prospecting rights would be required to have a “minimum of 50 percent plus one black person shareholding”.

In the wake of the charter being gazetted, the Chamber of Mines threatened to take the minister to court to interdict from implementing the targets.

– African News Agency (ANA)

7 thoughts on “Zuma backs Zwane on new Mining Charter

  1. It’s actually a good decision. It will open new routes for employment opportunities in south Africa. I’m in full support.

  2. It’s a great chance for the unemployed people in South Africa to find new ways of earning money for themselves.

  3. We need more initiatives like these so that South Africa can rise above the grave depression its been facing off late.

  4. A big step from the ANC need such kind of decisions for our country and for our people to generate more employment.

  5. It help our country economy problem we need big decision like this more jobs help our unemployed friends.

  6. Its nice to see our government thinking about us black people and giving more power more employments.

  7. The recent steps taken by President Zuma have reinstalled the faith of the people in the government. Power to the government, power to ANC.

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