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Man sentenced to 10 years behind bars for murder of girlfriend

WELKOM, June 8 – The Virginia High Court in the Free State has sentenced a 29-year-old man to 10 years imprisonment for the murder of his girlfriend, police said in a statement.

South African Police Services spokesperson Constable Kethabile Mofokeng said Maditaba Setsetse, 29, was reported missing in May 2016 at the Wesselsbron police station. Police suspected her boyfriend Siyabonga Mbharu, 29, knew where she was.

“After a missing person file was registered for further investigation, the boyfriend was brought in for questioning,” Mofokeng said.

“In the meantime Constable Taole and Constable Thakanyane Chaka drove back to the residence of the boyfriend and asked permission to search his shack at Ithoballe Informal Settlement in Monyakeng.”

Mofokeng said whilst they were busy searching, they could smell a bad odour which made them suspicious.

“They lifted the bed, removed the carpet and noticed a shallow grave. The shallow grave was dug and the body of a human being was found which was later identified by relatives as the body of Maditaba.”

A case of murder was registered and Mbharu was then arrested.

“Mbharu was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment,” Mofokeng said.


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