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UDM seeks help from the Hawks and AG for their battle with the DA over Cllr Bobani’s reinstatement

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has called for the services of the Hawks and Auditor General to be solicited in their ongoing battle with the DA, because it remains unwilling to implement the decisions that are within their sphere of management such as reinstatement of Cllr Bobani as Health MMC.
The coalition in Nelson Mandela Metro has been marked by the continued controversy and disapprovals by the UDM and the DA, after Cllr Bobani was suspended by the Executive Mayor Athol Trollip.  This then lead to several meeting which were held by all the parties concerned, which includes the Freedom Front Plus  (FF+), Congress of the People (Cope) and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), with a view of resolving the matter. This prompted the president of the UDM, Bantu Holomisa to write a letter to all the coalition parties, raising his concerns.
“We are all aware of the outcomes of the various meetings we have had to date, including yesterday’s, with the lasting matter of contention being the DA’s refusal of an unfettered withdrawal of the 12 May-ultimatum” said Holomisa in his letter.
Mr Holomisa said that his party wrote to Mr Maimane and the Democratic Alliance (DA) wherein they rejected the content of the letter with contempt as they believed that it flew in the face of the decisions they took as signatories of the Co-Governance Agreement.
“On one of the days that we met, 15 May 2017, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters conveyed to me that he had been following events and had actually talked to Mr Maimane. He advised that, even though his party was not a coalition partner, they are of the view that matters must be held in abeyance until a proper investigation can be done, that unilateral actions do not auger well for the coalition and may scupper all our efforts”.
Yesterday Cllr Trollip told the UDM that there were now new matters that had come to the fore in his continued investigations and that this justified his continued corralling out of Cllr Bobani from the Health Department.
“Why did Cllr Trollip, who was found wanting by the three-person investigation, continue to function in a kangaroo court style; where he is accuser, investigator, judge and executioner? His actions are wrong on so many levels that one struggles to comprehend the hubris and hypocrisy”.
“When we hear of these new furtive moves of the DA/Trollip to “investigate” who-knows-what, the three-person investigation’s one finding comes to mind i.e.: “If everything was done by the book nothing would need to have been said but to point to the book. Competent legal and audit service would have given oral and written advice. Instead of doing just that, the national leaders were being called upon repeatedly to referee the endless fights. If any party was seeking to exert undue and irregular influence or was guilty of using bullying tactics, charges should have been formulated and the Speaker should have referred the matter to the disciplinary committee to investigate. That is why the disciplinary committee exists in Council.”
The UDM yesterday said that it is for this reason they asked the DA to bring these so-called new allegations to the proper forum in NMBMM Council as it does not require our input.
“We are concerned that several officials were suspended from the health department who now sits at home fully salaried whilst there seems to be no investigations being done by the police. Is this in fact the case? It would be useful to have the case numbers of these dockets”.
“We are constantly reminded of Cllr Trollip’s powers as mayor, but the allegations of his flouting regulations stand in stark contrast of a man who claims to honour the concomitant responsibilities”.
This then let the UDM to propose way forward which was to seek the services of the Auditor General and the Hawks, because they believed that a resolution into the matter needs to happen fast.
“Because of the severe lack of trust and outside mechanism must be used to investigate all allegations and counter-allegations amongst others this could include”:
Some of Cllr Trollip’s allegations:
Overtime payment for health department employees
Milongane Consulting
Overspending of budget on payment of volunteers to clear townships
SACP query
Suspended health department workers
“Some of Cllr Bobani’s allegations”:
Hacking allegations
The appointment of Mrs Zitumane
“The queries around the appointment in the vacancy of the health directorate, where we were twice informed by Mr Trollip, that the one applicant (one Mrs Nkomana) did not qualify to hold the post, the opposite which was borne out by NMMU opinion”.
The MSCOE and him non-performance (role played by the City Manager Mettler with more than R60 million paid.)
ICT equipment tenders (The role played by Mr Zitumane).
Deltron (the role of the Mayor in awarding of tenders).
“The organogram for Deputy-Mayor and Health MMC staff. Whilst Cllr Trollip saw his own DA Mayoral staff compliment appointed, Mr Bobani was not afforded the same”.
“The UDM will find it difficult to support items on matters we have been querying in the NMBMM Coalition Government until these matters are properly investigated and that the findings can be presented at a full council meeting for decision” , concluded Holomisa.

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