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DA, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face

Fake news was making the rounds this past weekend stating Democratic Alliance (DA) Cape Town Premier Helen Zille had been ousted by Mmusi Maimane, in what seems to be a political stance on how parties must deal with leaders that are out of order. In their plans to discipline and dismiss Zille the DA may just be losing their “Ace Card”.

Maimane seems to under estimate the support that Zille has built up over the years. Let’s not forget Maimane walked into a well-established brand. Most politically correct appointees forget why they are placed in certain positions in the first place. The focus should be – and remain on – obtaining the black voters yet his focus has blatantly and plainly become only to rid the DA of its Iron Lady. 

Back to the example the DA wants to set for the African National Congress (ANC). Playing a game of monkey see monkey do will not necessarily translate into the expected outcome. The ANC does not follow the DA so why in the world would such an educated political leader think dismissing Zille would set an example for South Africa?

Zille’s tweet was uncalled for and out of order, however she tweeted what most whites and even some coloured people think. There’s definitely camps within the DA, clearly not as exposed as the camps in the ANC. Ridding the party of a stalwart at this stage will have dire consequences for their 2019 campaign.

Maimane  should not overestimate his capabilities; refer to the DA’s top leadership structure, especially the Federal Council and you will get your validation. Nevertheless, go ahead with your plans. There’s a quote that goes “in the midst of war and crisis nothing is as clear or as certain as it appears in hindsight”. – Barbara Tuchman.


Leanne Williams – Columnist for Weekly Xposé.
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