(in the pic - President Zuma inspects the mobile clinic given to the community). President Jacob Zuma addressing the community of Elsies River and surrounding areas during the Fight against Crime Imbizo held at Adriaanse Community Centre in Elsies River, Cape Town. The visit forms part of the government's activities for the National Child Protection Week campaign that is observed annually to raise awareness for the rights of children and mobilise all sectors of society to care for and protect children. 30/05/2017, Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

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Everyone is captured by Zuma

Marinos the philosopher, reminds us that  “true learning flourishes in chaos”. There is chaos, but it is not the chaos we so easily define in claims of so and so causing it, this orchestrated chaos. Can we learn something from the orchestrated chaos we see on display? The most recent orchestrated narrative and classical conditioning of society adopts state capture as a means to attain a political end –  the removal of a sitting president. I have consciously sought to look at this claim from the other side and want to make the case of capture, but from a different angle.


Zuma has captured more than the Guptas but a whole nation if not the western world’s interest that’s why he must go! Have the opposition and some in the ANC not yet learnt? Zuma is to be carefully understood.


Last week I penned an opinion piece entitled “What do you do when your best is not good enough”. In such I attempted to show that some in and associated with the ANC intensified their campaign to have Zuma removed and turned up the notch seven-fold and still failed. I concluded by suggesting: is it not time to give up?


No politician has so gripped, frustrated, annoyed, and angered some more than Jacob Zuma. No politician had more close shavings of predicted political demise. They have predicted, foretold, prophesied, and consulted the mediums to have him removed.


He has captured the media who for the last 12-years sponsored a campaign that hitherto has failed. He captured a public protector who showed her political hand with her reports.


He captured three former presidents to lead a so-called ‘national dialogue’, hijacked from the bedrock of his administration’s National Development Plan that first suggested the need for a national dialogue. They in a captured sense gathered to lend their support to have him removed and they failed.


He is not fighting since today, he is not fighting since 2007. Those who think him a recent contestant for the title of being a “political Houdini” never stop to ask, who is Jacob Zuma?


Education is a welcome tool for those who know how to use it but it’s a blinding tool for those who fail to see life beyond their much made of certificates and credentials.


Those who have attempted to write its obituary in narrowness of middle-class social media comment grossly misunderstand the ANC. The ANC, and by extension Zuma’s constituency, is not the vocal social media or the middle class with loads of data, but the real poor.



Zuma in political mind and mental strength is completely underestimated by people who think themselves very clever from both sides of the political and racial divides.


You have disrespected this man because you claim to be more educated. When Cosatu has its day with its preferred ANC 2017 candidate, Jacob Zuma is among the poor in Elsiesrivier in the back yard of the opposition making them look so out of touch. When the SACP is inebriated to advance their case for his removal on the strength of him firing Gordhan, he is addressing Traditional Leaders and leading the charge on giving this constituency a voice.


Jacob Zuma never finished primary school. You can’t call him a high-school drop-out, that would be embellishing his academic credentials. Zuma is a country boy, a rural man, a traditional ANC cultural identity. At 75 his history makes for exciting reading. Then again they are so obsessed to have him removed that they never want to read about this man.


He captured and outsmarted the apartheid government when he ran operations from both Maputo and Swaziland, infiltrating SA without being nabbed.


He is the same man who captured Mandela when the latter insisted, as the highest cadre from KZN, he serve in the first democratic GNU cabinet. Zuma respectfully requested to be allowed to decline and said may I go and work in KZN? I have work to do to unite the people and to bring Inkhata’s political power in proportion. He opted to be an MEC instead of a Minister when every one of his peers would have given their proverbial front teeth to serve in Mandela’s cabinet.


So captured was Apartheid’s intelligence forces and leaders that they feared and respected him because they anticipated he would lead that portfolio. They handed him their files, and those files if unveiled may make so-called heroes grave villains.


Zuma captured those defeated at Polokwane until as Mbekites they started a political party for him that resulted in Lekota’ personal political future and pension in parliament.


Helen Zille, the matriarch of modern day SA opposition politics, was the first opposition politician to be captured by Zuma and led the charge for his removal. She, who handed that baton to both her protégés namely Mazibuko and Maimane, once remarked, “Zuma disarms you…” It appeared for a while she grasped the intensity of this man.


I am not yet writing about the man (I hope to start something next year). I will cite only one aspect of him from before South Africa’s freedom. The man from the rolling hills of Nkandla is grossly underestimated, ill-regarded, and reduced to an idiot. He is easily brushed off as the antithesis for intellectualism, yet he makes intellectuals look dof.


I don’t often agree with Moeletsi Mbeki, but he is on point for asserting currently in the ANC and SA there is only one professional politician, and he is much smarter than he gets credit for. In Moeletsi’s prism, Zuma has captured the Guptas and not the other way around. I hold beyond all Zuma has captured the society in its totality.


Has he erred, has he scored own goals, has he made bad decisions? A resounding yes, yet if you want to judge him don’t forget he is not educated, he is a self-made politician who has in an unintended sense captured a society, if not wider.


He is the same man who got fired by Mbeki, whilst serving as deputy president of SA; he took his firing and went around mobilising. He won the ANC presidency; cometh the hour of the ANC decision to recall its SA president- he pleaded not to have Mbeki removed but was overruled.


He in political astuteness did not rush to replace Mbeki in SA presidency but he opted to be elected into office. So we had the Motlanthe seven months of presidency of SA and in 2009 he was voted in to lead the ANC and SA. With this move he confirmed that the people of SA want him to lead despite what many believe are shackles.


Zuma the man that politically buried his opposition for a second time at Mangaung 2012, from within and outside his party, has captured the EFF leadership because he is the reason for its existence and every effort so far engaged was towards his removal, yet that has led to their frustration because he continues to lead SA.


Zuma has captured even the totality of the opposition, he has captured the media, and he sells their stories. He has captured white monopoly capital and they fear him; he causes those who think themselves ‘white’ to march because he captured them too.


He captured some and drives them to pray, he captured the judiciary who has become first and last resort for those who cannot stand him in the square ring of political life-space. He has captured the SACC, an organisation that died and whose leaders make up some of those who lost at Polokwane, when he rejected them in preference of Independent Churches.


The same SACC who in this season attempts to eke out relevance in state capture claims when they abandon their roles to be vocal on the abuses and violence against women.


He has captured some academics that claim they have empirical and scientific evidence for a claim of State Capture, essentially predicated on flimsy newspaper headlines.


He has captured and exposed the old western imperial world interest for who they are. Their interest no different as in other BRICS affiliated countries has been to use contaminated and convicted rating agencies to exact junk status on Brazil, SA, Russia, SA, and China, therefore effecting regime change as they attained with Dilmar Rousseff of Brazil.


He captured and outlived a public protector he appointed who showed her political hand obsessed to work for his removal.


I am afraid he has even captured you who read this and gets annoyed at my audacity!

Clyde Ramalaine

Clyde Ramalaine – Columnist and Analyst
Clyde N. S. Ramalaine is an ordained and licensed member of the SA and USA clergy with over 25 years of service as a practicing theologian. Ramalaine’s incisive political analysis and commentary on a variety of issues has appeared regularly in most SA newspapers since 2010.
His work continues, among others, to appear in The Thinker, the leading Pan African Journal for thought leaders. He participates in panel discussions on subjects of his interest, and has appeared on SABC and ANN7 platforms, among others.
A published author including annual anthologies of political commentary and a volume of poetry named Gekraakte Blare.
He holds a BTH (Hons-Status) with double majors Systematic Theology and Sociology from the University of Western Cape (UWC).
He also earned a MA Theology (Systematic Theology) Cum Laude from North West University (NWU). His dissertation “Black Identity and experience in Black Theology: A Critical Assessment” is considered a ground-breaking and very relevant work in Black Theology. In such, he successfully questioned the usage of the epithet ‘black’ from a socio -historical and theological perspective.
He serves as management consultant on strategy design, analysis, and communication services for the last 22 years with serving clients in both private and public sector domains.
Analyst for Weekly Xpose.
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5 thoughts on “Everyone is captured by Zuma

  1. Dear Author

    This is an interesting read, as it certainly does expose a lot, as you rightly proclaim. I came across this article quite by chance and I am glad I did.

    I would not be so arrogant to suggest you or your friends in the pro-Zuma camp suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, but I strongly suggest you look up what that means.

    You are right. Zuma has captured us all. But I think you are a little too apologetic towards him for his lack of education – in overcompensating for it (you mention it quite a bit) you are a bit condescending.

    You have made one monumental error. You have begged the question of why opposition, whites and your so-called white monopoly capital hate him. (Again, I suggest you look up ‘beg the question’ for the philosophical meaning – you create a circular argument)
    You try to portray their hatred of him as a fear of him. You could be no further from the truth. No one except the ANC NEC fears that man. It is a serious case of Dunning-Kruger for anyone to think the opposition fears Zuma. They detest that he was placed in power by a constituency that knew full well he was ill-equipped to run a country. They are not afraid of him – their fearless marches, their fearless public rebukes and mockery in parliament are proof. You attempt to take this further by mentioning files the Afrikaner intelligence gave to him – again because they were afraid of him. Again, a monumental miscalculation. Those files were given to him knowing that he would use it to keep his comrades in check, so that – and you seem to like conspiracy theories – the ANC would tear itself apart. You know, as well as I do, that the Afrikaner intelligence pulled one over the ANC.

    And lastly – you seem to imply that the world is actively trying to force regime change. Again I draw your attention to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The world does not give half of a flying profanity about SA. SA does not even begin to tip the scales in global importance. In Africa we have been overtaken as the gateway to investment. In the international economy our politics do nothing to the global mood. We are just another nut case democracy being run like a spaza shop.

    Jacob Zuma is an ageing popstar who doesn’t connect with the masses anymore, and you are one of his groupies trying to convince us that he does.

    1. Dear Hannes

      Thanks for reading it, our diverse opinions are all welcomed in a democratic society.

      You and I come from different spectra therefore our views can never be as from one mind.

      You have not argued my thesis as faulty because you chose what aspects you wanted to respond to. That too is your right all it means is that which you respond to is more important to you than others.

      Make the case that Zuma has not captured even you, he gets you to respond meaning he is never far from your mind. Regardless to how you may be angered by him.

      Now on the score of being a Zuma person, that is your right you will accept that you not the first to say that. So I am not in the business of convincing a made up mind, I am in the business of getting you to take time to read a different view that you normally would mot read. Read it to the extend of responding at length.

      That sir is my only aim, help us dialogue with civility regardless to how we may differ.

  2. This was a very prompt response. Thank you.

    I don’t need to respond to your entire thesis as I agree with your premise that Zuma has captured everyone. I simply disagreed with three points:
    1. Opposition and whites are afraid – their disrespect in mainstream media and parliament is proof.
    2. Afrikaner intelligence was afraid of him – they probably respects how good he was, and also thought they could use that to their advantage.
    3. The world gives a damn about us – we really don’t feature or are that important.

    Those are the only three issues I have. That we are all consumed by him – which is what you mean, I think – is accurate.

    And the sad thing is this. He comes across as such a nice guy, a warm guy. He really does. He seems nice and he represents a success story. But when Arsene Wenger picks a kak player as a lone striker, do we blame the player or the coach? He didn’t pick himself. The ANC is to blame. I fear the hatred of Mbeki was so strong that rational thought gave way to proving a point. That’s my very ill-equipped and humble opinion.

    1. Again thank you for your response. On the world front you most probable correct the world don’t care much on a surface level, but South Africa like Brazil makes up part of a BRICS and you can’t deny BRICS is a problem perhaps not now but emerging .

      You also did not disagree with the fact that the ratings agencies are contaminated and convicted of crimes. It is said the late Chris Hani had with him a document that simply read ” SA is a country that must not be allowed to grow for it does it has the potential to lead the way for Africa in igniting a new era” so we understand that the efforts to keep us hostage is not new but with external involvement. So SA is not as insignificant as you want to make it out. With 80% or platinum deposit it can’t be reduced to insignificance.

      The president must own up like anyone for his wrong decisions that is not the subject.

      I would not know what the intentions of the apartheid system was their sumtotal of that heretic ungodly system was corrupt and they did not do anything good intentions, yet you cqny categorically claim to speak on behalf of them, so they gave him those files because they knew they were outsmarted by him. As earlier alluded to Nkomati accord was because of the consistent infiltration which laid them bare.

      The opposition in this country is pathetic they are so Zuma captured it’s not funny. The totality of their political work is summarized in one aim remove Zuma.

      They run to courts to attain what they lost and keep losing in political sphere!

      Thank you you have confirmed we are all captured by Zuma and no one has captured him.

  3. Clyde

    Chief I feel you and the context in which to put your story.

    My conclusion to all this, JG Zuma is not “educated” but INTELLIGENT!

    He captured me loooooong time ago… Even the ANC is soooooo surprised of him!

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