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Contractor ‘negligence’ caused hospital roof collapse-MEC Mamabolo

JOHANNESBURG, May 31– Contractors were found to have been negligent after an investigation showed that excessive rubble overload caused the roof collapse at Johannesburg’s Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

Gauteng Infrastructure MEC Jacob Mamabolo released the findings of the investigation at the hospital where five people were injured when a section of the roof caved in two months ago.

“The roof over the entrance foyer of the hospital collapsed as a result of severe overloading. Although the extent of the overloading cannot be precisely determined, the weight placed on the roof greatly exceeded its design capacity, the overloading was caused by the stockpiling of crushed stone,” Mamabolo told reporters in Johannesburg.

“The intention was for the crushed stone to be removed from the platform roofs, as the new waterproofing was not going to be covered by crushed stone. Regrettably, the crushed stone was stockpiled on the roof above the entrance foyer of the hospital, instead of being removed off the roof through a chute that had been erected for that purpose. The excessive load created as a result caused the roof to collapse.”

A construction company had been repairing the leaks in the roof at the time the incident happened. Mamabolo said the contractors were negligent in executing their duties.

“They should have known that the roof would not take such heavy weight…they were negligent.”

He added that the incident prompted his department to review internal processes regarding the appointment of contractors.

“This review commenced well before the incident at Charlotte Maxeke and will be concluded as a matter of urgency. We received preliminary briefings on potential areas of improvement and will announce an action plan in this regard in the near future.”

Those who suffered injuries were recovering well, he said.


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