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(MUST WATCH) Just a handshake? Donald Trump is the master of the macho handshake

President Donald Trump is known around the world for his macho, some would call bully, handshake.

Every day in life we go about our business and meet people, offering our hand in a handshake. However, body language experts have long held that the handshake is an incredibly important part of how we allow ourselves to be seen. In fact, it goes further than that, it is used as a gesture of dominance. Yup, you guessed it – the so-called alpha uses it to weaken, ridicule and dominate his (yes, men are the only ones silly enough to do this) perceived opponent.

Last week the president of the US met newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron – who had already been briefed about the handshake and came prepared. The young Frenchman grabbed Donald Trump’s hand, and squeezed it so hard both their knuckles turned as white as paper. If that’s not enough, Trump tried to let go twice but the French president was having none of it as he held on, clenched his jaw and stared into the eyes of the most powerful president in the world.

It was such a big deal that it made world headlines. And it didn’t end there. They met again on camera, and Trump was waiting for him, ready to pull him off his feet, but Macron was ready, once again – first snubbing the US president before engaging in possibly one of the most aggressive handshakes in modern political history. The amount of testosterone does not bode well for world affairs!

Before you watch the two handshakes – which you simply have to do – we have set the tone with a short video first showing Donald Trump embarrassing and shaming anyone who dares to shake his hand. Once you have seen that, watch how the French president meets his challenge.

Note: one of the most dominant handshake gestures is pulling the other person towards you, making them lose their balance in front of others and feel weak. Trump is an expert at this brash bully behaviour.

The best of Trump:


The first handshake with Macron:

The second handshake with Macron:

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