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VIDEO: bad day at the office? Smash the computer!

We have all had a bad day at the office. In fact, for some people Mondays are always hell. Isn’t it bizarre how people take their anger out on inanimate objects such as chairs and doors?

In fact, it is far more common than you would expect – the idea of taking out human emotion on an object. An article on Psychology Degree Guide looks at the phenomenon of people losing their temper with inanimate objects.


Watch the short video below. It is funny but it talks to a serious problem of dealing with anger issues and daily stress.

According to the article, Brad Bushman, who studies catharsis and anger at Iowa State University, has found that “expressing your anger, even against inanimate objects, doesn’t make you less angry at all. In laboratory experiments, whacking a punching bag or attacking a pillow actually seems to increase anger, not tame it. It’s been tested several times, and there’s virtually no scientific evidence to support catharsis.”

Another passage from the article reads: “Steven Stosny, PhD, a therapist who treats people for anger and relationship problems, explains that ‘participants are training their brains to associate anger with controlled aggression rather than compassion and reconciliation’. In other words, we create bad habits. We train our brains when we do something, anything, and it makes us feel good—we want to do it again…and more often. The rush of anger is addictive. Allowing yourself to lash out as a means to control your anger is like drinking to control your urge to drink.”


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