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Calling all good men: stop treating women like trash

South Africa’s statistics illustrate the extent of violence and abuse against women. Every six hours a women is killed this is four times higher than the global average. What is worse, these acts of violence and abuse are often committed by intimate partners.

In recent cases, Karabo Makoena was killed and burned to an unrecognisable state. Her alleged killer is her “God-fearing” boyfriend. 

After the gruesome discovery of Karabo’s body, three more discoveries have been made of burnt female bodies. In Elsie’s Rivier, a three year old who went missing a few weeks ago was discovered in a shallow grave, her eyes were  removed. The suspect is a long-time friend of the father and family and lived in the same yard. These cases mentioned are only of deaths, there are so many others cases such as rape and abuse which are daily occurrences and seem to be part of the norm.

It’s the abnormal “norm” that has become part of South African society. It has become common for a man to beat his wife or girlfriend. Its almost appears to become acceptable that men can trample, use and abuse women and children, as if they are discarded objects. Our protectors have become our attackers and killers. We lock our doors trying to keep out evil and thieves ,yet the perpetrator is right next to you. 

I’m a believer that there are good men out there and I humbly ask that these men join hands with women to change the society’s status quo of equating women to nothing. A women is the foundation of any society. They are the care-givers and nurturers. They carry your seed to bring forth new life and they deserve the necessary respect, love and protection. We can start with all men being the rolemodels for their sons on how to treat, care and respect all women.

Today this does not affect you until it happens to your mother, sister or daughter. Enough is Enough.

Leanne Williams – Columnist for Weekly Xposé.
Picture: Supplied.
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