French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron thumbs up as he addresses his supporters at his election day headquarters in Paris , Sunday April 23, 2017. Macron and far-right populist Marine Le Pen advanced Sunday to a runoff in France's presidential election, remaking the country's political system and setting up a showdown over its participation in the European Union. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

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Macron wins two thirds of the votes in France

MOSCOW – Centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the Sunday’s French presidential election with 66.06 percent of votes, the results announced by the French Interior Ministry after counting 99.99% of ballots showed.

His rival, right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen gathered 33.94 percent of votes.

The French Interior Ministry said that some 20.7 million voters cast their ballots for Macron, while 10.6 million votes were given for Le Pen.

According to BFM TV channel, some 12 million people decided to abstain from voting at the runoff, while over 4.2 million of French citizens cast a blank or spoiled ballot. The figured turned out to be higher than during the first round of election, which took place on April 23.

The first election round took place on April 23, with Macron gaining 24.01 percent of votes, and Le Pen coming second with 21.3 percent. The Republicans party nominee Francois Fillon received 20.01 percent of vote, while left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon got 19.58 percent of votes.


In his first speech in front of Le Louvre museum in Paris after preliminary results showed his victory in the vote on Sunday, Macron addressed the world leaders, stating that Paris remains committed to international peace and stability.

“I appeal, on your behalf, to the world’s nations. I tell to their leaders that France … will treat in a careful manner peace, balance among world powers, and international cooperation,” Macron said.

Macron promised to re-establish the link between Europe and its citizens, and vowed to “fight with all his efforts” against terrorism.

Macron also addressed his rival, right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen, with a “republican greeting.”

Macron noted the split in the French society, vowing to serve to the interests of all the citizens. He added that he respected the sentiments of those who supported right-wing presidential hopeful Le Pen in the election and promised to make everything possible to eliminate reasons, forcing people to “vote for extremists” in the future.

He also thanked his supporters and vowed to live up all the presidential campaign promises. Macron added that his victory was unprecedented as “the whole world was saying that it was impossible.”

Macron added that France had a huge task of building the future, and it was necessary to strengthen its economy, democracy and security above all. Macron also promised to fight lies and inequity, to respect “each French man and French woman.”

“I will be faithful to this commitment – I will protect the [French] Republic. I would serve you in the name of our motto – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” he stressed.


Right-wing presidential candidate Le Pen, who had temporarily resigned from the leadership of her National Front (FN) party after the first round of election, was the first one to congratulate her rival Macron on winning the run-off.

“The French chose its new president … I congratulate him with being elected, and because I care about interests of the country, I wish him to succeed,” Le Pen wrote on Twitter.

Le Pen also vowed to transform the FN party, turning it into a new political force.

The right-wing politician stated that the FN party got historic results at election and it would stay the main opposition force to the new president after a serious renovation.

Le Pen said the party would fight for the places in the French parliament during the legislative election in June and announced a start of the election campaign.

She added that the first round of election led to a re-composition of France’s political life, “eliminating old parties,” while the runoff would result in other transformations, based on “cleavage between the patriots and the globalists.”

Le Pen also expressed gratitude to the French citizens who cast their ballots for her.


The current French President Francois Hollande congratulated Macron in a phone call, expressing hope that France will be a successful country under Macron.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated Macron in a statement released by the Downing Street, saying that France is one of the closest allies of the United Kingdom and stressing the intention for joint work “on a wide range of shared priorities.”

US President Donald Trump congratulated Macron via Twitter.

“Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his big win today as the next President of France. I look very much forward to working with him!” Trump wrote.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his victory in a phone talk late on Sunday.

“She [Merkel] acknowledged his entry into the united and opened to the world European Union during the election campaign. The decision of the French voters is a clear signal of dedication to Europe,” German government’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said as quoted in a statement of the German government.

A senior member of the Russian parliament’s upper house Alexey Pushkov has called the election “a referendum on the attitude toward the European Union,” stating that EU supporters won but stressing that more than one-third of French citizens voted against Macron.

European Council President Donald Tusk congratulated Macron and said that by choosing him, France voted against the “tyranny of fake new.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Macron and called on strengthening relation between Paris and Ottawa.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also sent Emmanuel Macron a congratulatory letter, noting that maintaining the healthy and stable development of Chinese-French relations were not only in the interests of the two peoples, but also in the interests of international peace, stability and prosperity.

The inauguration of Macron is set to be held on May 14.

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