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Vavi’s anti-Zuma voice seen as opportunistic

Former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi is said to be using platforms such as Save South Africa as well as Fees Must Fall to lobby support for his newly formed union.  A unionist who spoke to Weekly Xpose earlier in the week, but wanted to remain anonymous for fear of intimidation said “Vavi is trying to resuscitate his career as a union leader, he is an opportunist who does not fool workers on his real intentions for power and fame”. Vavi’s attempts to win student support have been largely unsuccessful. It was reported last year that he was not afforded the opportunity to speak at a national Fees Must Fall conference in Durban, after students refused to give him a platform.


On Friday at a march organised by the anti-Zuma campaign, Save South Africa, former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi told protesters at the Union Buildings on Friday that South Africans made a huge mistake in elevating President Jacob Zuma to power. “Let me give you a short history. We made a mistake in elevating a crook who was facing 783 charges. The first thing he did was to dissolve the Scorpions, and some of us stupidly gave him a round of applause,” Vavi told several thousands of protesters gathered under the Save South Africa banner.


Vavi said the leaders of the civil society movement mobilising against Zuma would not be intimidated by the State security apparatus.“Let’s reclaim our country from all the crooks who are here behind us. We have one message for [State Security Mimister David] Mahlobo and all the crooks. You will not intimidate us. We are not mafikizolos in the struggle. You will not intimidate us. You days are numbered. You are going to go. People of this country are tired of you,” said Vavi.


Thousands of protesters had marched from National Treasury in the Pretoria CBD, to the Union Buildings.


– African News Agency and Weekly Xpose reporter

One thought on “Vavi’s anti-Zuma voice seen as opportunistic

  1. Vavi has sold out, simply because the working class does not have enough of laisure time not working over theories, for this reason, some intellectuals are able to sell the working people t the highest bidder. Workers beware when ever the intellectual changes hi tune now that you are finished, you leader has become a sarogate, intellectuals are necessary for the Trade Unions, because the can formulate strategies with theoretical background, while the workers are own by the bosses they do not have time of their own Karl Marx, said, “workers beware of the Intellectuals”.

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