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ONGOING: today’s pro and anti-Zuma marches – twitter, photos, video



MKMVA members outside Luthuli House. Picture: ANA






JOHANNESBURG, April 7 (ANA) – Police fired rubber bullets at ANC protesters in downtown Johannesburg on Friday morning as they headed towards the Democratic Alliance’s “March for Change” anti-Zuma gathering in the city.

About a hundred chanting ANC supporters were heading from the ANC’s headquarters, Luthuli House, towards the Westgate Transport Hub where the DA protest march against the president had begun, taking an updated route towards the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown.

When they realised that the DA marchers had already left, the ANC supporters changed direction and began heading towards Newtown, but ran into a police contingency blocking off the road.

They tried to force their way through and a skirmish broke out. The police fired rubber bullets, driving the ANC group back towards Luthuli House.

– African News Agency (ANA)


JOHANNESBURG, April 7 (ANA) – DA supporters headed to Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown as member of the uMkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) vowed to protect the ANC headquarters at all costs.

Clad in military uniform, hundreds of MKMVA members formed a combat line around ANC offices while chanting revolutionary songs and pro-Zuma slogans.

ANC supporters at Beyers Naude carried placards that read “Leave Zuma alone” and “Zuma is our president”. They were draped in the ANC colours of green, black and yellow, some wrapped themselves in blankets against the cold weather.

Some carried sjamboks and sticks as they sang revolutionary songs.

MKMVA leader Kebby Maphatsoe said those who were against Zuma were against the ANC.

“All they want is a regime change and we will not allow that. If you say Zuma must go, then you are indicating that you are against the fight for equality, radical economic reform and ant-racism. We are not going to allow anyone who undermines the ANC and Zuma to come here and do as they please,” he said outside Luthuli House.

Meanwhile in Durban, ANCYL supporters staged a pro-Zuma demonstration with placards calling for free higher education and “ANCYL KZN supports President Jacob Zuma”. They also planned to march to an ABSA branch to urge the bank to “pay back the money”.

KwaZulu-Natal is Zuma’s home province and political stronghold where ANC members are unflinching in their support for the president.

More ANC supporters had earlier gathered in Kwadukusa and were marching towards Ballito to show support for Zuma. DA supporters clad in blue and waving country flags ended their march at the Amphitheatre. They also carried placards calling for Zuma to quit.

Earlier, emergency services said several buses and trucks blocked entrances into Durban. The vehicles were marked with anti-Zuma slogans. Roads affected were Umgeni, Cannaught bridge, M4 North Blue Lagoon and N3 interchange.

– African News Agency (ANA)

PRETORIA, April 7 (ANA) – Anti-Zuma activists left Church Square in Pretoria on Friday afternoon, heading to the seat of government, the Union Buildings, east of the city demanding that President Jacob Zuma step down.

Bishop Jo Seoka, chairman of the Bench Marks Foundation, gave a final prayer before the crowd departed. He also chanted “Phansi ngoZuma down” [down with Zuma] before the prayer.

Police helicopters and a small aircraft was hovering in the skies above the crowd.

One of the protesters, father of four, Dali Mabuya said he is “a card carrying ANC member” but he had taken a day off to be at the protest.

“I am doing this for my children. Future generations will judge us harshly if we don’t boot Zuma from office. I will not rest until South Africa gets a president it deserves. My children deserve that much,” said Mabuya.



– African News Agency (ANA)

Marchers in Pretoria. Photo: ANA

Let the elites march. We have Gigaba as Finance Minister.

They are the signpost of our liberation, the evidence of successful ANC policies:

Let them march to defend this apartheid economy, let them march for white privilege and interest!

Let them march. It’s their Democratic right, let them have a slew of press conferences, let them be joined by embedded so-called ANC Members.

Let them march, it all will end in a march and a press statement because the masses are wiser than they assume.

Let them march. They never marched against the banks, they had nothing to say about Absa. They never marched against gang violence in Cape Town, a city that remains white in economic description of ownership.

Let them march. They didn’t march when Helen Zille called South Africans refugees, they didn’t march when at her handover to Maimane, Allister Sparks expressed  his unreserved admiration for Hendrik Verwoerd. They didn’t march when she justified colonialism.

Let them march. They never marched for anything that benefits the black masses yet today they want to march for Pravin Gordhan, a “communist” whom they as capitalists love to death – why only they know!

Let them march. We have a Finance Minister his name is Malusi Gigaba. Swallow that !

Let them march. If you want Zuma out, go to an ANC conference and vote him out – Go to a national elections and vote the ANC out, you will not get him out in disrespecting our votes.

Let them march. We voted the ANC to lead and no amount of white and black elite sentiment will disrespect The Thinking Masses of South Africa regardless to how illiterate they may be for you, they consciously vote ANC.

Let them march. The illiterate and poor didn’t trust the DA, EFF or all these one man band pension parties to lead SA.

Let them march. Regime change similar to what happened in Brazil and Dilmar Rouseff will not work here. S&P downgraded us in solidarity with a Finance Minister who made them a deity. We know what sits  behind this.

So March, we have long led marches, it’s your right, a right we fought for you to share, a right we defend. Just don’t think we are deceived by your claim of Saving SA.

Let them march. If SA needs any saving. it’s from you. You are the signpost of ANC policy benefit. You are poorer today with this concocted junk status of convicted rating agencies (S&P was found guilty and paid R26bn for corruption – Moody’s too, yet they paid R11bn). The poor has always been poor.

Please march, most of you will march in front of your TV duped by 403 and its hired ones. Send me the pics of your marching because you too scared to really march!

Clyde Ramalaine – Columnist and Analyst
 for Weekly Xpose.

JOHANNESBURG, April 7 (ANA) – Police in Johannesburg have fired rubber bullets at African National Congress protesters for a second time in Friday, in an apparent effort to prevent them back from clashing with Democratic Alliance supporters marching against President Jacob Zuma.

The ANC group faced a hail of rubber bullets when they tried to cross Ntemi Piliso Street in downtown Johannesburg to make their way to Newtown, the site where the DA march began.

Two of the ANC protesters were seen limping after they were hit by rubber bullets.

Police managed to drive the crowd back to Luthuli House. They sang “mshimi wam” and waved sticks and sjamboks in the air as they turned back to the ruling party headquarters.

The DA marchers dispersed by midday after an address by DA leader Mmusi Maimane in Newtown.

Police in Johannesburg have fired rubber bullets at African National Congress protesters for a second time in Friday, in an apparent effort to prevent them back from clashing with Democratic Alliance supporters marching against President Jacob Zuma. PHOTO: ANA

JOHANNESBURG, April 7 (ANA) – South Africa belonged to all who lived in it and was not the property of one individual, one family or one party, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane, said on Friday.

“We are not a ‘junk’ country. [President] Jacob Zuma may have led us to this point, but we are embarking on a movement for change which seeks to create opportunities for all and build a prosperous, diverse nation,” Maimane said.

“The people of South Africa will never accept the destruction of our country. We will stand up and stop it, together.”

Maimane said this after leading a march through the streets of the Johannesburg city centre calling for Zuma to step down following his recent Cabinet reshuffle which resulted in the country downgraded to junk by S&P Global and Fitch Ratings.


CAPE TOWN, April 7 (ANA) – Anti-Zuma protesters thronged through the streets of Cape Town on Friday in a march which police on the scene said was the biggest in the city in many years.

Roeland, Plein and Adderley streets, as well Kaizergracht in District Six heaved with protesters of different races and political affiliations.

“Hands off Treasury,” read a placard held up by a protester in Plein Street, referring to President Jacob Zuma’s axing of Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas at the helm of the finance ministry last week in a Cabinet reshuffle last week.

“We want a president who cares about Africans and Zuma does not,” said Khayalethu Tyalasha from Maitland, who wore a black t-shirt printed with the slogan “Zuma must fall”.

In Kaizergracht two protesters from the Economic Freedom Fighters held up a placard bearing the face of Atul Gupta, with the words below “Not my president”.

One of the men carrying the placard, EFF member Tlhabanelo Diholo, said: “We are here to say no to kleptocracy and constitutional delinquency.”

– African News Agency (ANA)

Marchers in Cape Town. Picture: ANA


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