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Man, who raped two of his stepdaughters, will be now sentenced in May

JOHANNESBURG, March 30 (ANA) – Sentencing of the 51-year-old Randfontein man, who was convicted of raping two of his step daughters, was on Thursday postponed at the Johannesburg High Court.

Judge Cassim Moosa notified the man that court would be on recess from Friday, which meant that his sentencing could not proceed as planned on Tuesday, 4 April.

The man was found guilty in February of raping and indecently assaulting two of his stepdaughters. He cannot be named to protect the identity of his stepdaughters.

At his previous appearance, state prosecutor Rolene Bester told the court that life imprisonment was a suitable sentence for the crimes the 51-year-old had committed.

She told the court that one of the daughters said that she felt that boys would take advantage of her because of what her step father did to her.

“The effects of what he did will have an impact on generations to come,” Bester said.

She added that one of the daughters said sexual intercourse at a young age was normal to her and she became promiscuous following the abuse she experienced from her step father.

The accused will now be sentenced on 11 May.
– African News Agency (ANA)

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