Screen grab of video from passenger who escaped.

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VIDEO: Plane with 141 on board crash lands, bursts into flames in Peru

Rio de Janeiro (dpa) – All 141 people aboard a Peruvian Airlines
plane escaped with their lives, after it crash landed and went up in
flames late Tuesday.

“Thanks to the skill of the pilot and the professionalism of his
cabin crew, a more serious accident was avoided,” Peruvian Airlines

Watch some of the eye witness videos below, including from actual passangers.

The Boeing 737-300 left the runway on landing at an airport in the
central Peruvian town of Jauja, but the cause of the incident was
initially unclear, according to the airline.

There were no deaths, though many people sustained minor injuries,
as passengers were able to disembark the Boeing 737 in time,
according to newspaper El Comercio, which published dramatic footage
of the incident online.

One video showed people running from the plane, which appeared to
have veered off the runway and had a broken wing, with smoke
billowing and flames spreading out on the ground behind it.

Witnesses said the pilot had lost control in high winds, while others
said the fire had been caused by an exploding tyre. The incident took
place at around 5pm (2200 GMT).

The plane was on a special flight from Lima to Jauja, 260 kilometres
west of the capital. The small town has been practically cut off for
weeks due to some of the worst flooding Peru has experienced in

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