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Afraid of flying? Don’t watch this

The fear of flying is fairly widespread, and if we are honest, most of us who have flown have had a few hairy moments aboard a plane. Whether it is a bout of heavy turbulence or a bad take-off or landing we have all has that split-second moment of thinking “is this it?”. Or have we? Perhaps the author of this story is projecting.

Below is a video of planes trying to land in heavy crosswinds. Ever landed in a stormy Europe? Chances are this is what the plane looked like from the outside. Without any fear of contradiction, it is terrifying!

Then, in case you think it is easy for pilots, the second video shows you how the pilot is controlling the plane – the way he is using his hands and feet. You will never have seen anyone have to have so much control and make so many adjustments in a car in your life. What if the pilot gets it wrong for half a second? This is why much respect must go out to all the aviators out there.

Watch. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you are flying in the next few days, then maybe you should give this one a skip!


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