French President Francois Hollande. Picture: AP

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Hollande unfazed by accidental gunfire during his speech

Paris (dpa) – French President Francois Hollande was unfazed Tuesday
when his speech to inaugurate a new railway line was interrupted by
an elite police marksman accidentally opening fire.

Hollande was detailing the history of the Paris-Bordeaux high speed
rail project when what sounded like a rifle shot rang out.

Video from the scene showed him pausing and looking up, saying “I
hope it’s nothing serious.”

After looking off to the side, seemingly for confirmation, for a
moment, he added, “I think not,” and continued speaking about the
railway line.

The head of the local administration later told reporters that an
elite marksman positioned on a roof nearby had fired by accident,
causing minor injuries in the legs to two people.

Hollande had spoken with the victims after ending his speech as
scheduled, prefect Pierre N’Gahane added.

France has been on high alert for terrorist incidents since deadly
attacks claimed by the Islamic State extremist group over the last
two years in Paris and Nice, amongst others, cost 238 people their

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