Police at the scene of an anit-immigrant march in Pretoria on 24 February 2017. Picture: ANA

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EFF condemns xenophobic violence, blames ANC’s ‘failure to transform SA’

The Economic Freedom Fighters issued a statement strongly condemning the recent outbreak of violence against foreign nationals in Pretoria and surrounding areas, while laying the blame for the problem at the door of the ANC.

“The EFF notes and vehemently condemns the erupting xenophobic attacks in Attridgeville, Mamelodi, and other surrounding areas in Pretoria,” the statement read.

“The current debacle pertaining to unemployment and inequality is wrongfully placed and blamed on African brothers and sisters, and black people from the developing world. Furthermore, the march against foreign nationals is disingenuous and is a platform for Black on Black violence. The failure of society ought to be put at the door of the ANC. The ANC has failed to transform the lives of South Africans. In the midst of attempting to confront economic strongholds against Black people, white monopoly capital has been left untouched,” the statement said.

The EFF called on government law enforcement to ensure that there are no lives lost, and that there are no violent outbreaks.

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