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Disappointing Save SA response to our story

Last week we ran a story titled: Pityana’s secret plan exposed

In response Save SA released a statement “in response to fake news website”. The response is disappointing at best because firstly it rubbished the story with accusations of a made-up source, which is incorrect, and secondly that it decided to link the story to Weekly Xposé funder Kenny Kunene, calling him a political opportunist.

It appears easy to label a news site “fake news” after the fact, when in fact Sipho Pityana was sent questions directly to his verified cell number, via both whatsapp (where you can see if someone is online) and sms. Almost the same questions were sent to Anglo Gold Ashanti – who did respond, as well as various shareholders, including the Hawks who verified the existence of the case opened by the Decolonisation Foundation.

Below are the questions, verbatim, as sent to Pityana, which went for days unacknowledged.

You have on numerous occasions made it clear you seek the removal of President Jacob Zuma from office and the election of a new President.

Chapter 6 Section 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa makes it clear that only the National Assembly of Parliament, which elected the President, can remove him from office. It states: “The President or an Executive Deputy President shall cease to hold office on a resolution adopted at a joint sitting of the National Assembly and the Senate by a majority of at least two-thirds of the total number of members of the Houses.”

Opposition parties have on numerous occasions tabled motions of no confidence against President Zuma in the National Assembly and all such motions were defeated. It would give me pleasure if you can answer the following questions before our 4pm deadline tomorrow (Wednesday 15 February 2016)

1. Does AngloGold Ashanti, whose board you chair, endorse the Save SA Campaign?

2. As stated above, opposition parties have tried on several occasions to remove the President thorough motions of no confidence, and all these were defeated. Can you divulge what steps you and Save SA plan to take to have the President removed?

3. Are you and Save SA trying to accomplish what opposition parties have failed to achieve through constitutional means? If so, would it be reasonable to conclude that you are, through your campaign, calling for the illegal removal of the President by inciting South Africans to rise against the President?

4. Further to this, if you intend removing the president, would you see a conflict in removing the President through unconstitutional means while Save SA has declared itself defenders of the SA constitution?

5. What is your response to a sedition case that has been opened by the Decolonisation Foundation against you in which you, in your capacity as board chairman of AngloGold Ashanti, are accused of encouraging people to rise against the President?

6. To an ordinary men and women in the street, what a company’s board chairman says in public may be seen as reflective of the company and its shareholders’ views. Are you not concerned that your public statements calling for the removal of a democratically elected head of state could be damaging to the reputation of AngloGold Ashanti given that in January 2011, irresponsible corporate behaviour saw Anglo-Gold Ashanti Limited given an “award” for being one of the world’s worst companies by Greenpeace and Swiss group the Berne Declaration?

7. There are claims that your company’s silence on your Save SA involvement gives credence to perceptions that you are in fact a front for an AngloGold Ashanti regime change agenda. What’s your comment on these claims?

8. WeeklyXpose has reliably been informed that there are plans to register Save SA as a political party in the event Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is not elected as President of the ANC at the governing party’s elective conference scheduled for December this year. Are there such plans? If there are such plans, why are they based on whether Mr Ramaphosa takes over leadership of the ANC?

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