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You got served, De Lille

This week, the Western Cape Democratic Alliance (DA) party leader’s resignation was made available through a press release. The DA’s old-guard liberals welcomed De Lille’s decision to step down, citing that her role as the Cape Town mayor is more than enough for her plate.

What is the true underlying current? Is the DA treading down the same path as the current leading political party, the African National Congress (ANC)?

With power comes great responsibility, however our political landscape and history indicate with power comes backstabbing, infighting and a power struggle that ends in defeat, and this defeat does not refer to the opposition. 

The local elections in August last year was a rude awakening for the ANC. What holds true is the saying that politicians’ first priority is to be elected, and second is to be reelected. This may be the death of many political organisations as good-standing members build factions to fight tooth and nail to get rid of another faction within its own organisation. 

De Lille was clearly not part of the faction that will lead in 2019. De Lille, you have served your purpose, you have done well up until now serving the needs of capitalists, there is no further need for you. You have been a great house maid, your actions from now on will determine if they throw you out in a dignified manner or not.

It would not surprise many political analysts if we soon get wind of Adv Thulisile Madonsela in the running for the DA Western Cape’s leadership position. According to a study 76% of white South Africans vote for the DA, not because it’s the best party, but strong identification links exist.

The greatest issue is that South Africans perceive the DA as a “white party” and a black placement may just change that perception. However, if this placement drives white agendas, such as equating black with corruption, this plan will not work. Black South Africans will not be fooled by window dressing or fronting, as we have for far too long observed how it’s done in the private sector and big corporates. It is for this very reason that we cannot call South Africa a Rainbow Nation. 

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