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International backlash to Trump travel ban increases

Berlin (dpa) – The backlash against US President Donald Trump’s
executive order on immigration was widening on Monday. Here are the
latest updates:

IRAQ: The Iraqi parliament called for a retaliatory ban on US
citizens, but the vote is not thought to be binding on the government
of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which has made no official comment
on the order. US air power and military advisors have played a key
role in its campaign to regain territory from the Islamic State
extremist group.


OIC: The 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation says “such
selective and discriminatory acts will only serve to embolden the
radical narratives of extremists and will provide further fuel to the
advocates of violence and terrorism at a critical time.”


SWEDEN: Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said on Faceook that the US
decision “increases distrust and antagonism between people.” Her
Sunday post added: “Not since World War II have so many people fled
war and conflict. Every country has a … duty to help, even the US.”

– Iran-born actress Bahar Pars, who stars in the Swedish movie “A Man
Called Ove,” the country’s entry for the foreign language Oscar, told
Monday’s edition of Stockholm daily Dagens Nyheter: “I have joked
that something like this could happen, but it surprised me.”

“This is a way for the United States to build walls. It’s racism and
racism is really dangerous … Now a man has decided that I’m a
terrorist, just because I’m Muslim and born in the Middle East.”


NORWAY: Syria-born Murhaf Fares, doing a doctorate in informatics at
the University of Oslo and who had a four-month research period
planned at the University of Colorado at Boulder, told Norwegian
public broadcaster NRK that he won’t be able to cooperate with
researchers in the US.

“It is discriminating as it’s based on something I have not chosen. I
was born in Syria but that doesn’t matter for those who I collaborate
with. I work with people from all over the world, and thought we
would be treated equally,” said Fares, adding that his brother and
wife’s brother live in the US, and they haven’t seen each other since


KENYA-SOMALIA: About 100 Somali refugees who were preparing to leave
for the United States say they will have to return to Dadaab, one of
the world’s largest refugee camps, in north-eastern Kenya.

“We were booked for a flight, everything was ready, including
permits,” said refugee Adan Barre, who had a flight from Nairobi to
Louisville, Kentucky.

“We have nowhere to go back … According to the UNHCR database, we
are in America.”


YEMEN: The sister of Yemeni Nobel peace laureate Tawakkol Karman
might not be able to attend Harvard Law School because of the ban.

Safa Karman, 29, who is currently based in Qatar, told dpa:
“Academically, I am the first Yemeni citizen to be admitted to
Harvard Law School and now, I might not be issued a visa to attend
the 2017 LLM programme because of the country that issued my passport
and the religion I was born into.”


GERMANY: German citizens who also own passports for one of the seven
countries were told by the US embassy in Berlin that they would not
be granted visas. It urged nationals or dual nationals of those
countries not to schedule visa appointments and to refrain from
paying visa fees.


TURKEY: There was confusion and chaos at Istanbul’s Ataturk
international airport, one of the Middle East’s busiest hubs. Ten
people have been were denied boarding onto US flights since Saturday,
CNN Turk reported Monday.

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