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Time to transform SA for real

Leanne Williams

– For many underprivileged black South Africans transformation has not yielded the desirable outcomes as promised, and the prospect for meaningful transformation continues to remain a pie in the sky to many.

Transformation in most sectors of the economy and society has been unsuccessful. Among the sectors that are behind in transformation are primary sectors, such as mining; secondary sectors, such as the automobile sector; and tertiary sectors, such as tourism and financial subsectors.

Black people are placed in leadership positions in some entities, but that has not made those institutions’ systems and structures change to the extent that they effect substantive transformation. The core responsibility for transformation is placed in the hands of black leadership to succeed in addressing poverty, inequality and unemployment, however, we are yet to see the fruits of these efforts without the attack of white monopoly capital.

The day the governing party stops running the the country’s political office only, and radically takes economic power back from white monopoly capital, is the day all blacks will experience a truly free South Africa.

It appears that decisive leadership to exert transformation in all sectors of society is in chronic short supply. An example: a state-owned entity’s current procurement spend is R24bn yet only 2% of this is awarded to black suppliers. That SAA for you.

Black people own less than 19% of the JSE equity, of which black females own 6%. Based on this reality it is clear that the BEE Act has failed, or the lack of implementation thereof and, more importantly, the ineffective none-compliance penalties. We need South African legislation to ensure progressive mechanisms are utilised to help in the process of the deracialisation of the country.

The BEE Act must be scrapped and replaced with a radical black empowerment model that will ensure decolonisation of the economy. Give back power to the people before the resistance takes the power it wants. And you can start by giving back land…

Leanne Williams is Patriotic Alliance ccouncilor in the City of Johannesburg

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One thought on “Time to transform SA for real

  1. Salient opinion from young SA woman who is committed to true vs. cosmetic rainbow nation transformation.

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