This photograph circulating online of an unknown woman seated in a cage at the back of a bakkie in Cradock in the Eastern Cape has caused a social media stir.

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‘Caged woman’ explanation video emerges: Watch Here

A video has emerged on the EBlockwatch Facebook page, claiming to depict the woman who was pictured in a cage on the back of the bakkie.

Watch the video here and decide for yourself if this settles the issue.

Video to prove that there are good people in this world. Join us make this happen in South Africa. Share this post. Eblockwatch is all about helping those who are not in a position to help themselves. We have locked up abusive police officer ,rapists robbers and con artists. We also protect women from abusive partners and we love catching con artists and social bullies. We have 17 years of experience and 88000 good South African's who we call on to help us do this. We nailed "the Facebook" rapist live on TV years ago. We love what we do and will always stand up for the underdog .Today we believe that we have a situation where a good man, with good intentions needs our support.He is being used and abused to gain votes for political parties. A strategy I would say is cyber bullying.We may be proved wrong but we have done some home work and we believe that we are correct. This picture above is a person doing a good deed and getting nailed for it.Join us and follow the steps of this story as they develop. Join us make South Africa a nice place to live and stand up for what is right. I would love to know the story behind this picture. Who was driving? Why she was in a cage?Eblockwatch tracked down the owner.I have the story behind the picture. She jumped on the back and climbed into the cage. The owner asked her if she wanted to sit in front and she said no. He then dropped her off in town. She wave thank you to him and he drove off. He says that he often gives lifts to people because he feels sorry for them and he feels that he is building goodwill in South Africa by assisting where we can. have breaking news. Watch the link above.

Posted by Andre Snyman on Thursday, 19 January 2017

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